Brick Landing Plantation - Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina

KatieRich Farms - Midway, Kentucky

Olde Point Golf & Country Club - Hampstead, North Carolina

KatieRich has successfully revitalized numerous communities throughout the east coast.

Taft Building - Hollywood Florida

Taft Building
Hollywood, Florida

Treating properties as separate entities we create an approach that works in each market.

KatieRich understands the diversity of paths necessary for success. We will ensure that you benefit from our attention to detail and understanding of the current market

A commitment to detail ensures our repeat success.

Working with the best partners ensures all projects are done timely and efficiently. Partnering with adept professionals ensures expertise are always at hand.

All of our properties are meticulously researched.

With a few top quality partners, KatieRich has performed real estate deals in markets throughout the United States, from New York to California. Our approach to communities ensures success in any market.

Great deals are a result of hard work and a commitment to success.
Beach House Condominium
Rockaway Beach, New York

Beach House Condominium - Rockaway Beach, New York
142 Edgecomb Ave
New York, New York

142 Edgecombe Ave - New York, New York